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Toria Simonet

2019-01-27 10:09:06 | Profile
Yoshikage Killer Queen and they creators

Austin Grover

2018-11-03 01:22:43 | Profile
no dislikes!!!!!!!!!

Mila Rahikainen

2018-11-02 14:15:51 | Profile
RIP you bloody legends

Patrick Röder

2018-10-27 18:53:43 | Profile
Pure gold , these guys should rule the world ...instead off an oranje monkey called trump .

cheezburger jones

2018-10-26 09:53:55 | Profile
Cantaron juntos de verdad??

Van Nava

2018-10-26 04:31:59 | Profile
I bet they dance in Heaven

Debra Hall

2018-10-24 16:18:22 | Profile
Nothing is forever including a time in the world when music such as this ruled the collective souls of many over radio airwave and peoples imagination. Only when you got plastic do you realise it was unique and beautiful.

Spencer Ellsworth

2018-10-24 13:04:00 | Profile
David Bowie is just in one place while Freddie Mercury is going all around

koke koko

2018-10-23 12:14:46 | Profile
Two of the greatest, we shall never see the likes of this again.


2018-10-22 20:58:14 | Profile
Vanilla ice ice baby

James Conley

2018-10-21 22:14:56 | Profile
"Its a terror knowing what this world is about, watching some good friend scream "let me out!" "That verse makes me emotional every single time without fail.